Dana Stoll - Agile Coach


CSM (Certified Scrum Master)Certified Scrum Professional







Dana is an experienced IT professional with 30 years experience in IT, 20 of which she spent in IT management or agile transition projects. Owing to her natural drive to learn, she combines IT expertise with organisation and systems theory, psychology, and phenomenological approaches.

As an experienced senior IT leader, she has worked in close partnership with C-level to drive business development. Knowing the struggles of both new economy and traditional enterprises, she cultivated the ability to rapidly transfer and cover new situations and works from a systemic middle-out approach. Dana thrives on bringing the best out in people. She strives to find out what works best for you, and how you can be effective in the different types of environment within our modern organisations.

Dana’s coaching combines subtle, persistent nudges to develop new habits with evidence-based facts and theory. Specifically, she works as a coach and trainer, focusing on team and leadership development. Dana’s work builds on trust and commitment to people. As a coach, she specialises in mastering emotions to be effective in highly competitive environments. Her pragmatic approach is committed to the combination of challenge and skillful practice to achieve a state of positive flow. Her work builds on connecting people with the approach and the environment they perform best in.

As a trainer, Dana specialises in and Agile methods and the turbulent boundary between Time-to-Market and Quality-of-Service. With respect to the people, her working definition of Agile is “rapidly learning”, to enable your personal path to excellence. From a systemic perspective, training and knowledge complement her coaching approach to provide you with a solid foundation for your own and your organisation’s adventure.


  • B.Sc. Computer Science, postgraduate studies in psychology and organisation
  • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) since 2007
  • Certified in in Micro- and Subtle Expressions, Expert Level (Paul Ekman Group)
  • 30 years in IT, 20 years in Management and Agile Transformation
  • 3 years hands-on experience in financial controlling
  • 10 years teaching experience at university level (IT Service Management in agile environments)
  • Leadership development & diversity courses

Specialist Areas

  • Coaching in Agile Transitions, harmonising fast-paced Time-to-Market with Quality-of-Service Best-Practice
  • Leadership and Individual development, building on strengths and mindscapes
  • Evidence-based coaching approaches with roots in psychology and research
  • Managing emotions in competitive situations


"One of the best people leaders I know."
-- Kris Köhntopp, IT Expert, Database Architect, booking.com.

"The only IT expert I know who can both lead people and remove headaches."

-- Nikolaus Zirwes, IT consultant and former CTO.


"Prior to my first 2-day training I was facing two problems: a complete set of new training materials and an approach at how to deliver my best performance. Dana's coaching enabled me, during one single training session, to stop my habit of using filler words and to focus on delivering my strengths. My training thus became a great success."

-- Andreas Schliep, Certified Scrum Trainer and Enterprise Coach.