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aliando brings agility to people.


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Agility Coaching

Living beings bring agility to any enterprise. If there is no agility in your people, there is no agility in your organisation. aliando therefore focuses on bringing agility to people. People are sometimes unconsciously standing in their own way by what they think is the way they are expected to behave. aliando helps discover unhelpful thought patterns and develop an agile mindset to bring out your full potential and creativity.


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Agile Transitions

Organisational transformation requires a mutual learning experience. Agile transitions need to discover organisational impediments fast. In addition to developing the mindsets of individual people, teams need to feel the acceleration from the ease of operation, once sluggish obstacles have been eliminated. aliando helps implement the methods to empower your people.


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Metrics for Agile Mindsets

To begin your journey, you need to know where you are, where you want to go to, and a reliable measure of your progress. The aliando laboratory specialises in developing psychometric tests for agility. These tests are an intrinsic component of our agility coaching and transition consulting, to discover your strengths and weaknesses to work with.


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Training (fr)agile IT

Software development an IT Service Management had a rough relationship during the last 20 years. They travelled from two worlds that hardly understand each other, via bi-modal operations departments to the realisation that the only speed that today works for IT is fast. We have expertise in the full spectrum of the Cynefin quadrants, from agile people and methods to fragile systems, time-to-market to quality-of-service, and the models to build them together as a functioning whole.